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Understanding your Health from an Integrative Point of View

Your health is not separate from your emotions, what you eat and drink, nor your sleep quality. External environmental conditions can play a part too, as it all has an impact on your health and well being.

How you live is important. In short, I work with you to treat not only the symptoms but also the causes.

Traditionally acupuncture has been used to assist in a variety of health conditions.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised acupuncture as an effective treatment modality for over 20 years but in recent years new guide lines have been introduced under national law. These guidelines require that the efficacy of a health treatment must be supported with acceptable scientific evidence with references to the particular treatment efficacy.



I have a specific interest in working in this area of health.

Chinese Medicine views women’s health issues within the whole body framework.

A women’s body experiences many different hormonal changes beginning with onset of puberty, menstruation, fertility, being pregnant  through to menopause. This ever changing hormonal environment is affected by our emotions, genetics, stress levels, diet and work-life balance. My aim is to help you understand your health concerns and work with you to bring about change.


Pain Management

Most people suffer pain at some stage in their life – from an accident, an injury, degenerative joint changes, cancer or excess stress. It can affect the head, neck, lower back, shoulders, joints and the abdomen and can result in acute or chronic headaches /migraines, joint pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, abdomen pain and possibly increased stress associated with being in pain.

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

Stress is not always a bad thing. It motivates and sharpens our focus in situations where immediate action is required.

However long term, poorly managed chronic stress can disrupts the body’s homeostatic mechanism (the balance of your bodies whole system), eventually affecting every system in your body.

Chronic stress can affect our mental health that may lead to anxiety, depression, sleep problems, digestive issues and low energy.

My approach

I take an integrative approach to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spirit body. Chinese Medicine works on a whole system approach to restore balance by identifying underlying issues that may be contributing to your presenting health concern.

My main form of therapy is acupuncture but I may also combine this with electro acupuncture therapeutic massagemoxibustion or cupping therapy.

We may also discuss how your diet and lifestyle may be contributing to your present concern. Where applicable Chinese herbs may be prescribed.

Research into effectiveness of acupuncture for pain

Modern research has indicated that there is varying evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture to treat pain.

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