In Chinese medicine each person is viewed as having a unique ‘energy’ circulation. In order to maintain good health it is essential for the body’s energy and blood to circulate in an unobstructed manner.

The pathways through which this energy flows are known as meridians and the energy is referred to as Qi.

Acupuncture is one of the most effective and popular means of engaging with Qi. Acupuncture treatment involves the use of fine sterilised needles that are gently and painlessly inserted into the skin at specific points to encourage the normal flow of Qi to maintain health.

Acupuncture can often be combined with other techniques including cupping, massage, moxibustion, and electro-acupuncture.


This is a warming therapy using a special Chinese herb called “mugwort” that is burnt over the skin to strengthen blood flow and stimulate the flow of Qi.


Specially designed glass, plastic or silicon cups are used to create suction over a specific area to regulate blood circulation and increase metabolism of dead waste in cells. Great for muscle tightness and pain.


This healing and relaxing therapy is regularly incorporated into the treatments, especially for joint and muscle problems.

Diet Therapy

Essential for maintaining and restoring health in both the short and long term. Food is medicine. Advice is given on the sort of food that is best for you and your presenting condition.

Electro Acupuncture

This form of therapy is a more recent addition (1930’s) to traditional acupuncture. Initially it was used for pain relief but over time it has been used for a variety conditions.

It is similar to traditional acupuncture in that pairs of acupuncture needles are inserted on specific points along the body; the pairs of needles are attached to a device that generates a continual electrical impulse. The impulse delivered can be adjusted in frequency and intensity to suit your comfort. Two or more pairs of needles can be stimulated at the same time.

Treatment can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a system that involves the use of substances from nature that aid in the regulation and normal functioning of the body’s internal physiology.

Most of the herbs used in Australia are of plant-based. They undergo a process so they can be dispensed into pills, capsules, liquids or extract powders, as these are the best way to ingest Chinese herbs for our busy lifestyles.

The prescriptions I use are based on a 2000-year history and over this time a vast amount of experience has been gained that has gone into perfecting their clinical application.

I design powdered herbal formulas that may contain 3 to 20 different individual herbal extracts that specifically match and treat your individual health concern.

Over the course of treatment I monitor your progress, modifying the formula where necessary to help you reach your desired health goal. I continually research and develop my own skills in perfecting my choice of individual herbs to go into making up each formula, practicing herbal dispensing in accordance with the registration standards of the Chinese Medical Board of Australia in practising safe herbal medicine.

I never use products that may harm or endanger any species of plant or animal.

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