What is a treatment like with Vicki?


During the initial one-hour consultation I will help you to identify what factors have lead to your present disorder and work with you to treat not only the symptoms but also the cause.


  1. Initial consultation
    You fill out an informed consent form. This explains what an acupuncture experience might be like. At this time I will gather information about your health history and current medications you are taking.
  2. Discussion
    Time is taken to discuss your present health concern as well as other questions about your health, including sleep patterns, diet, emotions, energy, lifestyle, menstrual health, fertility any of which may have a bearing on your presenting condition.
  3. Tongue and Pulse
    I then look at your tongue, feel your pulse and get a general sense of you’re over all demeanor.
  4. Treatment
    We then go on devise a personalized treatment and treatment plan, which best suit your presenting complaint. This may include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxibustion, cupping, and dietary and lifestyle advice.
  5. Acupuncture
    If acupuncture is required the needles are left insitu for 20-30mins.
  6. Chinese Herbs
    If an individualised herbal formula is required this will be formulated while the needles are in, but if time does not permit this, we arrange another time for herb collection. If only patent herbs are required they are dispensed post treatment. All herbs are dispensed with clear instruction on how to consume them, how often and for how long they should be taken and relevant specific warning are given when appropriate.

Post Treatment discussion
We then discuss the number and frequency of visits. We will then go on to discuss other things you can do to assist your treatment outcomes. (e.g. I may direct you to website links, food, life style changes, relaxation techniques, useful stretches, yoga classes etc.); where advantageous referrals to other health practitioners or a medical doctor may be given.

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